“Tim Pottorff is an Ergonomics Specialist that I worked with a few years ago at Pittsburgh Corning. He did some amazing work for us and I was very pleased with the results and his knowledge and understanding of ergonomics as it applies to manufacturing environments.  I used his assessment reports as support for plant improvements and referenced them several times over the years.”  Jim Waldo, Human Resources Manager

“I worked with Tim at Alcoa and he was an enthusiastic and effective member of our team. Tim was hired as the Ergonomist and spent many hours working to make jobs safer and healthier for employees. He is very personable and easy to work with, and very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise. I highly recommend Tim to any business interested in improving safety/ergonomics processes.”  Liz Kovach-Hayes, Certified Safety Professional

“Thank you for presenting at the Northern Ohio ASSE Dinner meeting. I enjoyed hearing about your journey and how simple things can be done to improve ergonomics. It was good to hear that all ergonomic solutions don’t have to be complicated with confusing data.” Lara Ward,  Northern Ohio Chapter Secretary of ASSE

“Tim is very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter.”  Greg O’Brien, Global Director

Tim was instrumental in providing a comprehensive ergonomics assessment at the Dentsply Manufacturing Plant. He provided a detailed report including simple solutions to make operations efficient and safe. Tim is very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with,  and understands nuances in manufacturing and operations. He has uncanny act of providing simple solutions to the most complex problems. He has passion for Safety and certainly goes above and beyond to help his clients.  Sarang Kortikar, Value Stream Manager

From an Ergonomist:  “My sister loves the Ergo-Tuck! It’s helped her reduce shoulder and hand strain. She is a perfectionist in making her bed and your simple tool does the trick!”