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Keep Work-at-Home (and Regular Office) Employees Safer!

Injuries that result from working at home ARE work-related.  QP3 ErgoSystems provides personal ergonomics workstation and safety assessments and comprehensive training services for office-based employees, wherever they work.  We help companies minimize their workers compensation risks and improve their EMRs.  We also help companies as they  help their employees improve physical comfort, reduce the risk for injury, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their work.

For your work-at-home employees, we conduct video-based workstation assessments and make practical recommendations for improvement.  Our Ergonomists can also work with employees’ existing workstations and equipment in a traditional office, and provide recommendations to address any long-term needs.

We look forward to working with you and your team to assess your office ergonomics needs, wherever your employees work. You will receive a formal assessment report that addresses the areas that need improvement, and which will provide employee-specific recommendations.

Good to Know!

QP3 can help you comply with the OSHA General Duty Clause, various ergonomics requirements across the US, and with ergonomics assessment regulations around the world.  We can also help your California locations comply with the Cal/OSHA Ergonomics Standard for General Industry the Cal/OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Standard, and the Cal/OSHA Suitable Seating Standard.

Plus! We offer online services.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company comply with these Standards and keep your employees safer and more productived!

QP3 ErgoSystems has a subcontract affiliation with a GSA Advantage Schedule Holder with 43 U.S.C. 1626(e) status and “8(a) Program” Sole-Sourcing capabilities, which allows QP3 ErgoSystems to provide ergonomics services to state and federal agencies.


  • Take care of your work-at-home employees
  • Comply with Environmental, Health & Safety regulations
  • Make your employees more efficient
  • Improve quality
  • Keep your employees and guests safe
  • Protect lives and property
  • Protect the environment


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  • Ergonomics assessments
  • Employee Safety
  • General Liability (guest/visitor safety)
  • Property/Fire Protection

Chemicals and any other materials at any place of business must be safely used, stored, handled and disposed of properly, per stringent state and federal environmental protection rules and regulations.

Ergonomics training for office employees includes teaching the proper work postures for both seated and standing workstations, as well as tips and techniques for losing weight and having an apparently slimmer physique at the workstation, via good work practices and postures. Click here to contact us for more information

“Seriously, how people sit affects whether they have a gut while working or if their organs are in-place.  Also, standing 2-hours more/day, all things equal, burns equivalent calories that equate to 20-lbs over a  year for a typical adult.” ~ Dr. Mark Benden at Texas A&M,

Hazardous Materials Management
Employees and managers must know how to safely use, handle and dispose of any chemicals used onsite, per stringent state and federal environmental protection rules and regulations.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Training is required of employees who may be exposed to dangerous pathogens carried in various bodily fluids, and which pose an extreme risk to life, and physical and mental health. Proper training and procedures help to reduce the risk of inadvertent contact with bloodborne pathogens, as well as how to avoid cross-contamination of other surfaces with pathogens, to which visitors and guests may be inadvertently exposed.

Compliance Assessments & Programs

Cal/OSHA has very specific guidelines for all industries in California, and if subject to the Ergonomics Standard, requires onsite assessments, training, and improvements to tasks, tools, equipment, and work methods.

Cal/OSHA requires annual assessments of properties and annual employee training in the requirements of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

  • IIPP (Cal/OSHA) Programs
  • Ergonomics (General, Cal/OSHA Compliant) Programs
  • Hazardous Materials Management Programs
  • Safety Programs

Speaking Engagements

Have an event or conference coming up? ErgoSystems founder, Tim Pottorff, is an engaging speaker and expert on risk management.

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