YES! QP3 is able to help your company achieve COVID-19 Best-Practices Compliance.

ONE-STOP Safety & Risk Consulting Services

Does your company have COVID-19, safety, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, noise, property, general liability, or other potential exposures?
QP3 ErgoSystems can help you address potential Covid-19 (and other) safety risks with our highly qualified and responsive team. Our experts have decades of experience in multiple lines of business exposures,. We can help you get started right away in virtually every area of need, from the very simple to the complex.

QP3 ErgoSystems offers online services.

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Best Practices for all industries including Travel & Tourism


Manufacturing, Processing, Transportation, Distribution

The 2018 MIPP Protects Hotel Housekeepers

Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism

Workplace Stress

Corporate Offices and Work-from-home

QP3 ErgoSystems works with clients in a myriad of industries, including manufacturing, processing, hospitality, and office workspaces on a contract basis.


The diverse skill sets of the QP3 team provide clients with “one-stop” Risk Consulting Services, simplified vendor management, and geographic efficiency to further our mission of helping clients to enhance their overall quality, productivity, performance, and profitability.

Extended reaches hurt people--and profits!


Our Ergonomics team includes Certified Industrial Ergonomists (CIE’s), and other consultants skilled in Office Ergonomics assessments. Ergonomics services include onsite assessments for manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, construction, processing, services, and other industries.  We also offer the customized and flexible full-length Effective Industrial Ergonomics™ course, and office ergonomics offerings that include remote video workstation assessments, onsite training, and personal workstation assessments. We also offer customized stretching and physical job demands analyses.


Our highly qualified and responsive team of property experts help clients address their property protection, life safety, and property conservation needs, from simple to complex operations. We can help in nearly all areas of exposure including HPR, builders natural hazards, construction fire insurance ratings, site security, disaster planning, and sprinkler system plan reviews

We go on-site and work with your architects and engineers to provide a consistent approach.


The QP3 safety and risk consultants are available to assist clients of all types and sizes, including hospitality, travel, retail and manufacturing.  We offer in-depth Covid-19 training for Hospitality and General industry on a learning management system.  We are experts in the development of site-specific EHS programs including hazardous materials management, required regulatory training programs, behavior-based safety programs, and government compliance, including those in California.

Cal/OSHA Housekeeper MIPP, Ergonomics Standards for General Industry, and Mandatory IIPP Standards

Transportation Industry Ergonomics–Caring for Essential Workers

Dan Baker has an amazing keynote speech at the Protective Insurance Claims & Safety 2020 virtual seminar. Drivers have to pick goods up on time, transport them without damage, and deliver them on time. As Dan says, they are the key to your success, even though transportation and distribution employees are in an occupational group…

Not Everyone Working at Home Worked in an Office All Day

Many people working from home went from a “regular” office to a home office. But the pandemic-inspired move to working at home has affected another important group of people, who are starting to have real problems. A recent survey found that about 67 percent of people new to working at home are having “major ergonomics…

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QP3 ErgoSystems has proudly created a tool to help make a better bed!

With the Hospitality Industry in mind QP3 developed Ergo Tuck™ (Patent Pending) to streamline the bed making process, so beds get made better, faster and safer. Ease strain from lifting, reduce stress on the hands and fingers, and reduce the risk of accidental contact with used hypodermic needles and other hazardous objects.

“Integrating people, materials and equipment… to make companies better!”™

“It is not possible to thank (QP3 ErgoSystems founder) Tim Pottorrf enough for the positive impact he had on our firm. After carefully listening to how we needed the space to function and what problems we were having, he was able to quickly identify underlying ergonomic issues in our office arrangement. Tim’s suggestions were extremely cost-effective and did not require fancy new equipment or chairs. Long-standing issues with back and hip pain by the end of the workday were greatly relieved. This led to noticeably increased productivity during the day and happier employees who were also able to more fully enjoy their evenings once they had less pain from work.” – Christina M. Magerkurth, PE, President Magerkurth Associates, Inc.