Welcome to the Takeda Ergonomics Assessment Resource


1. Select a consultant

2. Choose an available time from the consultant’s schedule
(If a consultant is not available for the day/time you wish, please “go back,” and select another consultant)

3.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please use the “Reschedule” or “Cancel” buttons in your confirmation email message to do so.  No-show’s or those cancelled within 24-hours will still be charged.

Note: You will receive a sign-up verification email once you have completed scheduling your assessment. This email contains a virtual meeting link that you will need in order to conduct the assessment. If you do not see an email, please check your spam folder.


At your scheduled assessment time, click on the virtual meeting link in the signup email.

Besides your computer (or laptop), you will need a mobile device (tablet, or smartphone) during your assessment. Please prop your mobile device so the consultant can view your profile better and understand your work posture. You may also have someone else hold the device if necessary.

If possible, please have photos taken of your seated posture from two sides, hand on the mouse, hands on keyboard, and arms reaching for monitor screen while seated (in your normal seated position), and share with your consultant prior to (or during) the assessment.

Workstation set up with mobile device propped for posture viewing.

During your assessment, the QP3 ErgoSystems Consultant will review your workstation set-up with you and follow up with a recommendations report.