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Ergo Tuck®

$32.95 plus tax

QP3 ErgoSystems has proudly created a tool to help make a better bed!

ErgoTuck®  (US Patent US D880,263 S) was developed to streamline the bed making process, so beds get made easier, better, and safer. Ease strain from lifting, reduce stress on the hands and fingers, protect manicured nails, and reduce the risk of accidental contact with needles and other hazardous objects in hospitality or other settings.

ErgoTuck® is made in the U.S. and is available for purchase NOW!  Ergo Tuck® has been:

  • tested and approved by working hotel housekeepers
  • developed to help protect the hands
  • helps to reduce hand forces for those with arthritis

Ergo Tuck® is a modest investment that will improve the bed making process for you, your company, your healthcare organization.  Ergo Tuck will also benefit you, your friends and family who may have limited hand strength–and protect the nails of those who invest in manicures to enhance their personal style!

Please contact us directly at or call (847) 921-3113 for details on volume pricing!


Virtual Industrial Ergonomics Assessment


Remote Video Industrial Workstation Ergonomics Assessment

Provide an online link to a 5-10 minute video for each task and details about your workstation:

  • dimensions
  • reach distances
  • task frequency & duration
  • hours worked
  • number of employees performing the task
  • force/weight requirements
  • still digital photographs
  • contact information
  • person to receive assessment results

FORMAL REPORT: Once completed we will email you a task-specific Ergonomics Assessment Report within 10 business days. Please select the number of tasks and then click “add to cart.”

Workplace StressWorkplace Stress

Virtual Office Ergonomics Detailed Assessment


Remote Video Office Workstation Ergonomics Assessment

Provide photographs and details about your workstation (you will receive downloadable instructions and a workbook with examples once you register and pay) and we will use that information to conduct your assessment during a personal video assessment.

FULL REPORT: Once completed we will email you a completed ergonomics assessment report that provides guidance on how to make your workstation more comfortable, along with the QP3 ErgoSystems downloadable Computer Workstation and Hand-Held Technology Best Practices Guide.

*Listed price is per employee.

Working from home

Virtual Office Ergonomics Screening Assessment


Online School or Work From Home – Short Remote  Workstation Ergonomics Assessment

QP3 works one-on-one with your child and/or you and your employees for this ergonomics assessment that can be used to remedy minor workstation challenges for children taking online school, and employees whether they are in the office or working from home. This assessment takes a few minutes to complete and can help improve comfort and productivity for children taking online school, or desk-based employees. A downloadable QP3 ErgoSystems Office Workstation Best Practices guide that applies to both kids and adults is included with your purchase.

*The listed price is per person assessed