Industrial & Office Ergonomics Webinar

Industrial & Office Ergonomics Webinar

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Purchase both the Industrial Ergonomics Training Webinar and the Office Ergonomics Training Webinar at the same time and receive a discounted price of $249 for both!


Industrial Ergonomics Training Webinar—Making Your Life Easier!

One and one-half hours long, environmentally friendly Industrial Ergonomics Course that discusses the history of ergonomics, the impact of poor design on product quality, employee performance, employee safety and productivity, and the profitability or financial performance of an organization.  The course also discusses ergonomic risk factors, workstation and tool design, as well as material handling and techniques for good material handling and good workstation layout.  The class uses real-life examples to demonstrate good and poor workstation design and layout and is helpful to employees in any role in an organization, as well as in peoples’ personal lives.


Office Ergonomics Training Webinar—Making Your Job Easier!

One-hour long Office Ergonomics Training Course that presents a brief history of ergonomics and the issues commonly affecting office-based employees as relates to injuries and illnesses, comfort and productivity.  This environmentally friendly virtual course also teaches proper office workstation arrangement and work techniques, with tips on how to identify potential concerns, and helpful ideas regarding how to solve office ergonomics issues without spending a lot of money. Participants will also receive the QP3 ErgoSystems downloadable Computer Workstation and Hand-Held Technology Best Practices Guide.