Property, Casualty, Industrial Hygiene Sampling & Multi-Lines Consulting

Does your company have property, casualty, industrial hygiene, general liability, or other potential exposures?

Property, Casualty & Multi-Lines Consulting

QP3 Ergosytems can help you address potential safety risks with our highly qualified and responsive team. Our experts have decades of experience working with multiple lines of business exposures. We can help you get started right away, from the very simple to the complex.  If you have other needs not listed here, please reach out to us and we will help you find the right resources.  We can help.


  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Courses
  • Onsite property assessments
  • Onsite casualty assessments
  • Industrial Hygiene sampling
  • Environmental audits
  • Onsite multi-lines assessments
    – Fleet
    – General Liability
    – Marine
  • Desktop property assessments
  • Desktop casualty assessments
  • Large claims resolution
  • Desktop fleet assessments

QP3 ErgoSystems works with clients in a myriad of industries, including manufacturing, processing, services and office-based industries on a contract basis.

QP3 ErgoSystems isn’t just about Ergonomics!

The diverse skill sets from our team provide clients with “one stop” Risk Consulting Services, simplified vendor management, and geographic efficiency.

QP3 Ergo Systems Property, Casualty & Multi-Lines Consulting Service Partners

Do you have Product Safety questions?  Our Partner, Product Insights USA LLC, can assist with many services, including

  • Product hazard and exposure analysis
  • Product Safety
  • Warnings, directions, operational manuals, and collateral material review
  • Import risk evaluation
  • Recall program
  • Document control and virtual records
  • Product risk management program and developemnt
  • Pre-litigation defense strategies
  • Multi location product audits
  • Product liability training and seminar
  • Reach out to our Partner, Risk Engineering Alliance, for services to keep you in the digital lead.  Services include
    • Custom corporate video production
    • Custom-designed safety data collection applications for tablet computers
    • Custom e-Learning programs
    • Custom online products

Our business partner, The Positive Employer / Employee Relations (PEER) Group is focused on helping our clients manage better and grow faster by streamlining business operations and enhancing internal processes.

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