Ergonomics Consulting

Does your workforce ever experience discomfort while working, due to physical demands or other challenges?  QP3 Ergosystems can help!

Industrial Ergonomics


How in the Food & Beverage are you going  to Comply with the latest Cal/OSHA Standard for Hotels?  We can help.

Our Principal, Tim Pottorff, is an Industry Leader on the Cal/OSHA Hotel Housekeeper MIPP Standard, and we are proud members of the California Hotel & Lodging Association, as well as the California Association of Boutique and Breakfast Inns.

We are here to help you help you comply with this new Cal-OSHA Hotel Housekeeper Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program Standard so you don’t have to worry.

These assessments are designed to help clients improve their processes. These assessments are conducted by reviewing a client’s operations or targeted areas, identifying risk factors, identifying possible root causes of those risk factors, then working with the client to identify possible improvements to address risk factors and improve quality, productivity, performance and profitability.  We can help.

Expert Ergonomic Services

Industrial Ergonomics awareness training is designed to provide employees and supervisors with a better understanding of the risk factors that may affect product quality, employee productivity and performance, and company profitability or financial performance, for non-profit organizations, and to provide initial guidance on possible methods for improvement.  We can help.

Property, Casualty & Multi-Lines Consulting

Effective Industrial Ergonomics is a full-length, customized course designed to help people with a wide variety of experiences to identify ergonomic issues in the workplace that affect quality, productivity, performance and profitability.  The course lasts one to two days depending upon client needs and is tailored to a location or client, with time spent both in the classroom and on the production floor as the classroom concepts are applied to actual situations.

Did you know that QP3 ErgoSystems has a national contract with one of the world’s largest law firms for Office Ergonomics?  Office ergonomics assessments are provided to help office employees improve their overall comfort and productivity.  Our assessments work with employees’ existing workstations and equipment in an effort to identify short term improvements “on the spot,” as well as potential long term needs that might require additional attention from a facilities or IT department.  We can help.

Remote Assessments

Live, on-site (or online) office ergonomics training provides office-based employees with the opportunity to better understand how to adjust their workstations to improve their comfort and productivity.


Ergonomics Consulting

The “train the evaluator” program is designed to teach a core group at a location how to perform simple office workstation assessments.  The session last ½ day and includes both classroom and hands-on time practicing evaluating actual workstations.

Ergonomic Training

New project consulting is achieved by working with design engineers in the blueprint stages of a project.  We focus on space planning in the office or hospitality environment, or manufacturing operations and areas where employees will interact with a process or equipment.  This effort is designed to help a client’s design engineers to optimize process designs before construction or production begin.  We can work with a client’s internal engineers or their contracted engineering firm(s).  We can help.

Our People Make the Difference

You will receive a comprehensive assessment report detailing the challenges identified during your assessment.  Our reports provide options for addressing those challenges, regardless of the type of risk being analyzed.


Do you want an office ergonomics evaluation that is also environmentally friendly?

Order your environmentally friendly personalized office workstation ergonomics assessment.  Your personal assessment will be performed by an Ergonomist with many years of experience.  These assessments often provide immediate results and can significantly increase your comfort and productivity!

Ergonomics Consulting
Remote PhotoGraphic
Remote Photographic | Assessment and Report
$250.00 $271.25
Telephone Assessment
Remote Telephone | Assessment and Report
$300.00 $325.50
Remote Video | Office Workstation Assessment
$375.00 $406.88


Do you want an industrial ergonomics evaluation for one or a few particular processes or operations but don’t have the budget for a full, onsite assessment?

Order your environmentally friendly industrial workstation, task or process ergonomics assessment today.  The assessment(s) will be performed by a top Ergonomist with many years of experience.  Select the number of operations to be assessed, pay with a major credit card, then you will be asked to provide a video link of each task along with workstation details. You will receive your customized report within 10 business days.

Property, Casualty & Multi-Lines Consulting
Remote Video | Industrial Assessment and Report
$475.00 $515.38
“It is not possible to thank Tim enough for the positive impact he had on our firm. After carefully listening to how we needed the space to function and what problems we were having, he was able to quickly identify underlying ergonomic issues in our office arrangement. Tim’s suggestions were extremely cost effective and did not require fancy new equipment or chairs. Long standing issues with back and hip pain by the end of the work day were greatly relieved. This led to noticeably increased productivity during the day and happier employees who were also able to more fully enjoy their evenings once they had less pain from work.”
– Christina M. Magerkurth, PE, President Magerkurth Associates, Inc.


  • Office employees
  • Truck drivers
  • Manufacturing employees
  • Assembly employees

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QP3 ErgoSystems has a subcontract affiliation with a GSA Advantage Schedule Holder with 43 U.S.C. 1626(e) status and “8(a) Program” Sole-Sourcing capabilities, which allows QP3 ErgoSystems to provide ergonomics services to state and federal agencies.