QP3 ErgoSystems on-site services review your practices and procedures to identify potential gaps in COVID-19 best practices and find ways to help you improve and give guests, passengers, customers and clients reassurance that your business is doing everything it can to minimize the spread of disease.

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QP3 ErgoSystems COVID-19 Services

  • SELF-HELP: COVID-19 Best Practices Training and downloadable resources for companies of all sizes available via our “pay-per-view” learning management system ergonomics.today.
  • DESKTOP REVIEWS: Our experts will review your COVID-19 programs and practices and provide recommendations for improvement through a video-based assessment.
  • INDEPENDENT ON-SITE AUDITS AND RATINGS: Our team will objectively review your COVID-19 efforts and rank them against industry best practices and procedures.

Let your guests, passengers and customers know that your company follows COVID-19 best practices!

By scheduling an on-site, independent, third-party COVID-19 audit with QP3 ErgoSystems you are taking a crucial step toward instilling guest/passenger/customer confidence that your location is safe to visit. Our audits are tougher than those recommended by some trade associations and world-class companies and have been developed by experts in the fields of Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Public Health, Healthcare, and Hazardous Waste Management.

While conducting our on-site COVID-19 audits, we will review your COVID-19 policies, practices, and procedures, and give you a comprehensive report and a COVID-19 Best Practices Ranking. This independent ranking can be included in your marketing materials to show customers that you are positioned to protect them from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Best Practices for Hospitality Training

Do you need a training road map? Are you wondering how to train your employees on COVID-19 best practices? We can help you with food & beverage, housekeeping, maintenance/engineering operations, and much more!

QP3 ErgoSystems is proud to present our COVID-19 Best Practices for Hospitality training program, based on best practices outlined by hospitality trade associations, OSHA, and the Centers for Disease Control. This training program is offered on our learning management system ergonomics.today. Email us at info@qp3ergosystems.com for a free demonstration link and for subscription pricing.

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Get Your Travel & Tourism Business Certified in COVID-19 Best Practices

Have you already implemented a COVID-19 plan? Our safety and health experts can review your plan from a best practices perspective, and provide guidance on potential enhancements. Do you want to assure guests, passengers and meeting planners that you can keep them and their clients safer? Our independent, on-site COVID-19 Best Practices Assessment is more comprehensive than those developed by hospitality trade associations and leading properties.

Businesses that reach an assessment score of 90% or better receive a “Certification of Excellence for COVID-19 Best Practices.” With this certification, your property will be given a custom engraved plaque to display at the front desk and a digital badge to use in correspondence and on your website.

For details call (847) 921-3113 or email info@qp3ergosystems.com.

QP3 ErgoSystems has proudly created a tool to help make a better bed!

With the Hospitality Industry in mind QP3 developed Ergo Tuck™ (Patent Pending) to streamline the bed-making-process, so beds get made better, faster and safer. Ease strain from lifting, reduce stress on the hands and fingers, and reduce the risk of accidental contact with used hypodermic needles and other hazardous objects.

Speaking Engagements

Have an event or conference coming up? ErgoSystems founder, Tim Pottorff, is an engaging speaker and expert on risk management.

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