Why Are PJDs Important?

Working at height
Do you have PJDs for all of your job tasks?

PJDs are also known as Physical Job Demands analyses.  Several reasons exist for their importance.  The primary reason is for a company to know the objective physical requirements of a job.  Then, if someone has an injury and is given a work restriction, an accurate understanding of the demands of a particular job will allow the injured person to return to work (instead of sitting at home).  Knowing the job demands and correctly assigning employees should also reduce the risk for further injury.  A Restricted Workday case (RWD) is much better than a Lost Workday (LWD) case in the world of workers compensation.

Another good reason to complete PJDs is that some organizations require companies to have PJDs for their jobs in order to bid on certain types of contracts.  One of our clients won a massive contract soon after we helped them complete PJDs for several dozen jobs.

A third good reason for conducting PJDs is that they also allow companies to identify possible ergonomics issues (and others.)  I have helped clients discover not only job design issues that relate to ergonomics, but one assessment also identified possible lockout/tagout issues with a maintenance task.  That is serious stuff!

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