Don’t Forget this if Your Hotel is in California

receptionIt’s exciting to see the hospitality industry picking back up, and a recent article shows increased bookings.  In California, however, hoteliers need to add something to their reopening training.

Many hospitality companies had to lay off tens of thousands of hard-working workers, including housekeepers, during the pandemic.  As they reopen, and many are reopening and hiring new employees to replace those who are not returning, they need to also train employees in the Cal/OSHA Hotel Housekeeper Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP). This is important for California hotel reopening.

cleaningOur team has worked with thousands of hotel housekeepers in California and have not only found ways to keep them safer, we have also found ways to make them more effective.  These assessments can be done anywhere a hotel operates, even outside California, for those companies wanting better guest satisfaction ratings and happier housekeepers!

ETIn 2018 I invented Ergo Tuck® for making beds.  It protects the hands from needle sticks when tucking flat sheets, makes bunk beds much easier to make, and acts as a “crowbar” for the corners of fitted sheets!  If your housekeepers are wearing gloves, Ergo Tuck® is going to help keep the gloves from deteriorating quite as quickly.  On beds without box springs, it helps to protect the knuckles from lacerations and abrasions.

Let us know how we can help you improve your housekeepers’ lives–and comply with the State of California.  Click on this link for more information.  We can help!

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