COVID-19 Cases are Rising. I Know Why.

New COVID-19 cases have risen in recent days, according to some reports, up to levels not seen since mid-April.  But as my area has opened up, I have also seen many people and businesses not taking COVID-19 prevention seriously with both employees AND customers.  That is most likely a good reason why new cases have been rising.

Car workThis week I had some service work done on my car.  Some employees were wearing face coverings.  Some were not.  There were no physical distancing markers anywhere.  Coworkers were sitting only about four feet apart, with only short half-walls separating them.  There were no barriers between them and the general public.  People were congregating because there were no markers or protocols.  When I paid, I was handed the same pen that everyone else had used to sign vehicle release documents today, yesterday, last week, last month, etc.  When I picked my car up, I spoke with a supervisor and explained my concerns.  The only response I got was “It’s all up to the owner.”  When I got into my car, the plastic coverings they had used to keep the steering wheel and seat clean were wadded up and left inside the vehicle.


seat covers

As I mentioned to the supervisor, lawsuits are already being filed by members of the general public who do not believe businesses are taking the necessary steps to keep them safe.

About 36% of employees who contract COVID-19 and who do not believe their employers are doing everything to protect them are likely to sue, versus 26% of employees who believe their employers are doing the best they can.  We have yet to see the percentage of the population willing to sue, but it is going to be enormous.

Just because a business owner cannot “see” something does not mean it is not present, and does not mean it will not affect them.  Frankly, I plan to take my business elsewhere until they take risks from COVID-19 more seriously. It is “cavalier” attitudes like these that are causing the number of new COVID-19 cases to rise.

stressed out personThe general public expects the businesses they patronize to exercise care about their health and safety.  Businesses large and small have a legal obligation to take appropriate steps to keep their employees–and customers–reasonably safe

We can help businesses large and small with their COVID-19 programs and plans, no matter where you are.  If you want an even greater level of confidence, we have one of the most comprehensive COVID-19 Best Practices Certification Audits available.  By avoiding taking action, businesses may actually be prolonging the pandemic.  Don’t be “that company.”

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