Is Your Business Playing Russian Roulette With COVID-19?

Don’t play Russian Roulette with COVID-19!

I participated in a recent webinar given by a lawyer who has specialized in COVID-19 related law.  And there are plenty of things for companies to be concerned about.

Business leaders who are not taking COVID-19 safety seriously are playing what is tantamount to Russian Roulette–with a fully loaded revolver.

Surveys show that employees who believe their companies are doing their best to keep them safer are much less likely to sue, than employees whose companies are only giving lip service to COVID-19 best practices.  But it goes beyond that.


Be ready
How you act against COVID-19 can affect your business success.

The only thing keeping a customer or guest from suing you is how well you handle, and address COVID-19 related risks in your place of business, whether retail, manufacturing, hospitality, services, or food & beverage.  And if you are not doing your best, your risks for litigation are going to skyrocket.

Companies that spend a little now and have really good COVID-19 policies and procedures, and invest in independent COVID-19 Best Practices Certifications, are going to be in much better shape versus those whose leaders fail to do so and experience lower third-party ratings and public perceptions.

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