“Show Me the Money” for Work from Home Ergonomics Efforts


Remember the Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire and his signature line, “Show me the money?”  Would you like to see a potential 450% or 2,100% ROI for your long-term Work-from-Home (WFH) office ergonomics efforts?

Since mid-March, millions of people have been working from home, and many have been working with substandard arrangements.  The first challenge is that most people have been expected to be as productive, efficient, and effective as they they were from their traditional offices.  The other challenge is that many companies provided limited help because they were afraid of the potential cost impact.

It is okay to be concerned about expenses, but it is doubly important to consider the long-term ramifications of not making the right investments in your employees and team members.

I recently spoke with a really smart person who is asking how she can better help her employees who are working from home.  Her company is seeing more complaints from employees, and does not see WFH ending anytime soon.  She is also really smart because of several other things she knows:

  • Many people working from home do not have optimal workstations
    • Poor workstations contribute to higher illness and injury rates
    • Poor working conditions lead to higher turnover
  • Injuries & illnesses that occur while working from home ARE work-related
  • Working from home is not going away
  • Comfortable employees are more productive–and loyal
  • Taking care of your WFH employees is an excellent investment

Working from homeA study by Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 30% of people will continue working from home next year.  Other studies indicate that about 70% of employees able to work from home will continue to do so at some level for the foreseeable future.

Global Workplace Analytics also believes that an employer can save up to $11,000/year per employee who works remotely at least half the time.  This savings will come from reduced office rent, lower utilities (including heating and air conditioning costs), “headcount taxes” in some communities, and other savings.

This is an excellent cost-justification for investing in a comprehensive WFH office ergonomics program.  This program should include annual video assessments for your employees, along with a choice of independently vetted workstation equipment and accessories, provided by the company.  (Translation: Don’t try to go it alone.  Get help from an independent third party Ergonomist who does not have a financial stake in a particular product.)

Just look at the ROI numbers, based on GWA’s numbers, and which do not account for the potential savings from reduced claims due to work-related injuries and illnesses:

Year 1:
Investment: $2,000/employee in workstation equipment & video assessment (initial setup)
Savings: $11,000/employee
Annualized ROI: 450%

Years 2+:
Investment: $500/employee/year in video assessments & updated accessories
Savings: $11,000/employee/year
Annualized ROI: 2,100%/year 

Video assessment

As “Jerry Maguire” would say, “There’s the money!”  Just as sit/stand workstations have allowed companies to differentiate themselves from prospective employees, so will how you take care of your WFH employees.

We are experts in ergonomics assessments, and pioneered video assessments before they were popular. Contact us today at (847) 921-3113 or via email at info@qp3ergosystems.com.  We’ll show you how to find the money!

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