I Feel Good. Do You?

StretchPut into your mind the classic James Brown song, “I Feel Good.”  It is a song of joy, of feeling, well, good.  But do you really “feel good?”   Obviously this is not “grammatically correct,” but that’s okay.  How you feel plays a direct role in how much you can accomplish at work, and in your interpersonal relationships.

I have completed tens of thousands of workstation assessments in just about every industry during my long career, and so have my teammates.  But to me, the ones that stand out the most, and are the most intrinsically rewarding, usually, are the office ergonomics assessments, whether in-person or virtual.  One client once felt so much better they told me, “I need a cigarette,” after I had helped them to address an awkward working posture!


Baby Your WFH Employees!
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When a person is uncomfortable, and does not “Feel Good,” in the words of James Brown, their work is going to suffer, and so can their relationships.  It can be particularly challenging for a new Work-from-Home person, but help is out there for the asking.  Click on the link for more details on how we can help you, your coworkers, and your company with remote assessments of your work-from-home setups.  We’re all nice people, we’re fun, and most importantly, we know our stuff.  Let us help you “Feel Good!”

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Feel good today!

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