Announcing COVID-19 Best in Class Certification Services!

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What are your COVID-19 Best Practices?

QP3 ErgoSystems is pleased to announce the first independent COVID-19 Best in Class Certification Services available to both small and large businesses.

QP3 COVID-19 Best in Class Compliance Services  include third-party COVID-19 Certification audits for companies ranging from hotels & resorts to cruise lines, airlines, restaurants & bars, manufacturing & distribution companies, office complexes, etc.

The QP3 COVID-19 Best in Class Certification Audits apply best practices from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and Canadian Occupational Safety and Health, and are among the most thorough and robust COVID-19 audits available anywhere.  These COVID-19 audits and related services have been developed by experts in Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Public Health, Healthcare, OSHA, and Ergonomics. QP3’s audits and assessments can be conducted in English, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Training programs include COVID-19 Best Practices and Work-from-Home Office Ergonomics.  Video Ergonomics Assessments for Work-from-Home employees are also available for an additional fee.

Businesses small and large need to be best in class
Is your business COVID-19 Best in Class Certified?

Tim Pottorff, MSc., CIE, ARM, and Principal at QP3 ErgoSystems, says “We developed a product that is flexible and affordable to help smaller business bring their customers back, but also robust and thorough enough to provide value to large corporations as they seek to assure employees, visitors and guests that they are safer”  “Our hospitality assessment audit is more thorough than the internal assessments developed by leading casinos, hotel management companies, and trade associations.”  “Business that score 90% or better on our annual COVID-19 Certification audit will receive a digital certification badge for placement on their website, a six-inch by six-inch window sticker for their front entryway, a custom plaque, and listing on our “COVID-19 Best in Class” roster.

A recent survey conducted for the U.S. Travel Association found that about 20% of people “need some sort of assurance” before they will stay in a hotel, and 12% need assurances before visiting a retail store.  Pottorff goes on to say, “In a social media survey conducted by QP3 ErgoSystems, we found that over 85% of people would be more likely to do business with a company that implements internal best practices, or is certified by an outside third-party for COVID-19 best practices.”  Interviews with the general public also hold this to be true.  “A pre-certified business would provide some peace to me in public environments…and would also be a competitive differentiator in choosing between two similar products or services,” Jay R.

Contact Tim Pottorff, Principal at QP3 ErgoSystems at (847) 921-3113, or via email at

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