I Was Tested for COVID-19 Today–and It Bothered Me!

Nasal swab for covid
Are the places you visit safe?

I took a Covid-19 test today at a major hospital, and what I experienced bothered me more than the outpatient procedure I’m scheduled for later this week is bothering me.  (And it wasn’t the part where what felt like a 12-inch 2×4 was being shoved as far into my cranium as possible.)

At check-in, I walked through the automatic doors, but there was nothing on the floor indicating where to stand, just an employee “directing traffic.” The procedures of staff members switching gloves after every patient, and contact-less check-in worked okay and I was given my wristband and directions for where to go next.

I then walked back outside and to the ambulance bay where the actual tests were being done. Unfortunately the “automatic” door was inoperable, so I had to “run the gauntlet” by grabbing the handle–just like every other person getting tested had to do prior to, and after me.

I was offered hand sanitizer after a minute or two, but once the test was over, and I was leaving, yet another person was experiencing the “gauntlet of the door.”

This lack of consistent best-practices for COVID-19 is why it is critical for companies to employ third-parties to conduct COVID-19 to complete audits of their operations.  It does not matter whether you are in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, processing, offices, retail, or any other industry.

What is “working” with your processes and procedures, and what is not working?  The value of third-party assessments is that you receive an objective review.

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