195 Ways to Bring Guests Back to Your Hotel!

Temp check
Temperature checks may become a standard part of entering a hotel property.

How are you going to encourage travelers (and meeting planners) to book and stay at your property or properties again?

How do they know you are following best practices to keep them, and your employees, safer?

Do you want to be able to show guests and meeting planners that you are ready to keep them and their clients safer in the world of Covid-19?

The Safety Professionals at QP3 ErgoSystems have developed an independent, proprietary, onsite Covid-19 assessment test to show you are ready to keep your guests and employees safer.  We believe this assessment may be more comprehensive than the guidelines developed by hospitality trade associations and independent property management companies.

Are your Covid-19 cleaning & disinfection practices the best they can be?

This covid-assessment, with over 195 best practice points possible (depending on the services offered at a property), will provide a comprehensive Covid-19 review that is unparalleled in the hospitality industry.

Our experts in safety, industrial hygiene, public health, healthcare, ergonomics and hazardous materials management have developed this Covid-19 assessment test, which has also drawn from hospitality trade associations, OSHA, the US Centers for Disease Control, and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Properties that receive an assessment score of 90% or better from this best-practices assessment will receive a custom engraved plaque they can display at their front desk and a digital badge they can provide to meeting planners and/or post on their websites.

Assessments for other sectors of the travel industry will be available soon, along with assessments for other industries.

Contact us today at info@qp3ergosystems.com or call us at (847) 921-3113 for details on these and other Covid-19 related services from our team at QP3 ErgoSystems!

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