COVID-19 Training for Hospitality. What Does it Mean?

Temp check
Temperature checks may become a standard part of entering a building.

As parts of the world start to reopen after the COVID-19 lock-down and shelter-in-place orders, the Hospitality industry will be faced with new challenges.  Hospitality employees from Valet to Front Desk to F&B to Housekeeping and Engineering will have to change how they work.

These changes will include staggered shifts, personal protective equipment, pre-entry health screenings, and changes in how everyone serves and interacts with guests.

Later this week QP3 ErgoSystems will be releasing COVID-19 Best Practices training for the Hospitality industry. Our program has been developed by experts in hospitality, safety, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, and public health.  This comprehensive training program will help hospitality employees in every department understand and learn new processes, procedures, and best practices to keep guests–and themselves–healthier and safer.

Train your employees today!
Our web-based COVID-19 Hospitality training is easy to access from any device!

This Covid-19 training for the Hospitality Industry is available on a web-based learning management system, Ergonomics Today.  This training platform can be accessed anywhere in the world on smartphones, tablets and/or desktop computers.  Subscriptions will also include a test of the knowledge gained during the class, as well as a comprehensive Covid-19 Hospitality Best Practices Checklist, Pre-entry Screening Best Practices, and a Covid-19 Property Entry Sign.

The best part about our training services is that hospitality companies will know which employees have taken the training–and which have not.  Please contact us at for subscription details!

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