How in the F&B Can a California Hotel Property Comply?

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As 2020 begins, several communities in California have laws that limit the number of square feet a housekeeper may clean during a shift.

For properties in Santa Monica with fewer than 40 guest rooms, housekeepers are limited to cleaning 4,000 square feet of rooms/shift, and for properties with more than 40 guest rooms, housekeepers are limited to cleaning 3,500 square feet of rooms/shift.  If a housekeeper exceeds those square foot limits, the Santa Monica law requires a double-overtime compensation rate for all hours worked beyond these square footage limits, even if the work is done during the “regular” shift hours.  Other communities have similar laws.

So how, in the F&B, are hotels in these communities supposed to A) get their rooms clean, B) keep their housekeepers safe, and C) keep their room rates reasonable (so guests won’t book in the next town over)?

At QP3 ErgoSystems, we have conducted thousands of assessments and helped hundreds of housekeepers reduce the time required to clean guest rooms–and do a better job of it.

Our assessments cannot change the laws, but they will identify things your property can do to stretch its housekeeping labor costs even further.  We can also help you find ways to get your guest rooms clean like never before–and make guests happier and healthier!

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