Start 2020 on the Right Paw with Ergonomics & Safety!

Start 2020 on the Right Paw
Start 2020 Ergonomics & Safety on the RIght Paw!

Spencer, the QP3 Ergo Lab, is all set for the holidays, but are you ready to start 2020 on the right paw with your Ergonomics and Safety efforts?

Spencer knows that successful companies invest in external, independent ergonomics, safety and industrial hygiene services.

Choosing the right team helps you to keep employees safe and productive, your product and service quality high, customers happy, and profits higher.  At QP3 ErgoSystems, our consultants have decades of experience working with companies around the world in many industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, distribution, food processing, agriculture, services, mining, aerospace, chemicals, pharmaceuticals…and many more!

We are experts in finding risks to life, limb, and property that sometimes get missed.  We have a proven track record of finding previously unrecognized risks at clients, including Ergonomics, Machine Guarding, Electrical Fire Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Hazardous Materials Management.

Resolve today to contact QP3 ErgoSystems for a free quote. Our team is ready to help you achieve a successful 2020.

Call today at (847) 921-3113, or email us at to get started!

Spencer is standing by!

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