How Much Would You Invest to Get Better?

The right consultants help you get better!

Many times I run across companies that “don’t have the budget” for the Ergonomics or Safety Services that they need.  Actually, if they do not have the budget for Ergonomics and Safety Services, they probably cannot afford NOT to invest in them.


If you are a hotel GM and a $6,000 investment in assessment services and a bit more in tools and equipment could not only help each housekeeper at your property save up to five minutes per room (all day, every day) AND help them make the rooms cleaner, would you invest?  How much would you invest to find ways to keep your guests safer?  If you want your operations to be more productive and your guests safer, click here to learn more. We will come to your property and help you.

Make your guests happy–and safe!

How much are you willing to invest to make your guest satisfaction ratings go up?  Wouldn’t learning how to get a cleaner room help you achieve that?

If you are in manufacturing, and I told you that a $6,000 investment in Ergonomics services (and $1,000 in new equipment) could create a savings of $100,000 per year and eliminate a bottleneck, would you invest in these services?  If so, click here to learn more.  We will come onsite and help you.

How much would you be willing to invest to improve customer service and quality?

If you’re in a distribution facility and a simple investment in an assessment and I told you the right tools and equipment could increase employee productivity up to 10%, would you do it?  Click here to learn more.

How much would you invest to make work easier and your employees more productive?

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Our team at QP3 ErgoSystems knows how to make your operations more efficient, and your employees safer.  But if that is not what you are doing, then how are you helping your company improve?

I find that many safety professionals think it is a sign of weakness to get help with specialty services.  Do you hire plumbers, electricians, doctors, lawyers, hairstylists, and/or barbers?

Helping your employees work better, safer, and faster, and keeping your guests safer and happier is just as important as a haircut.  Or is it?

Click on the link to learn more about QP3 ErgoSystems.  We will come onsite to help you and your employees.  Do it today!

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