PJD’s Help Companies Get New Business!

Complete your PJD’s today!

What is a PJD?  A PJD is an acronym that stands for “Physical Job Description.”  And having a PJD can help your company get new business!  We know, because we have seen it first hand.

Get new business.  Earlier this year our Principal worked on an extensive project with a client to develop several dozen physical job descriptions at their major manufacturing locations.

These PJDs included details about the physical requirements of the work, including how much time and effort are spent in various job classifications doing various tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, standing, climbing, etc.  We also included photographs and detailed measurements to make these descriptions more accurate and understandable.

These PJD’s also described various job tasks and provided a list of the “Essential Functions” of the jobs.  These are the components of a job that “have” to get done for tasks to be completed well and to meet the expectations of both internal and external clients.

This client recently won a major federal agency contract because they had completed these detailed PJDs.  

But why else are PJD’s important?

PJD’s are important because they are a sign that a company has a functioning Return to Work Program.  If someone gets injured on the job, or at home, having accurate PJD’s means that a treating physician with access to the PJD for the employee’s position can better specify what parts of the job a person should be able to complete.  Thus injured employees can be more easily accommodated within the workplace.

A good PJD can mean the difference between a Lost Workday Case and a Restricted Workday Case, if the problem is work-related.  It also helps to reduce the risk that an employee will file a lawsuit over the injury, and helps companies reduce their workers compensation costs, both for case management and premiums.

It’s National Ergonomics Month!

It’s still National Ergonomics Month.  Contact us today at (847) 921-3113, via email at info@qp3ergosystems.com or click on this link to get in touch with us so we can help you complete your PJDs.

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