Budget for 2020 Compliance and Consulting Services Now!

Ergonomic TrainingI had a recent, disappointing conversation with a client.  They had to push their Ergonomics compliance services off to 2020 because they forgot to budget for them in 2019.  This places them at risk from consequences that could be levied by their state regulators.

Now is the time to plan for 2020, no matter what you do!

If you’re in hospitality in California, you are required by Cal/OSHA to conduct onsite housekeeper assessments and training every year.  You’re also required to have an updated written program, and to make improvements to housekeeping tasks.  If you’ve just opened a new hotel, or plan to open one soon, Cal/OSHA requires the initial assessments and training to be completed within three months of opening, and then annually thereafter, or if there are significant changes to housekeeping jobs or new risks are identified.

If you’re in “general industry” in California, depending on the timing and type of work-related musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses, you are required by Cal/OSHA to conduct job assessments, train employees about the risks from “problem jobs,” make improvements to problem jobs, and continue to make improvements and train employees until the risk factors have been addressed.

If you’re not in California, you’re obligated under the Federal OSHA General Duty Clause to maintain a workplace “free of recognized hazards.”  This means that if hazards can result in work-related musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses, then you have an obligation, by OSHA, to make improvements.

The onsite services you get from QP3 ErgoSystems will help you make your people more efficient, your processes safer, your customers happier, and your company more profitable!

We are ready to provide budgeting quotes for our wide array of onsite consulting services, including Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Machine Guarding, Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, Property Protection, and General Liability.

To get started, regardless of your industry or where you are located, call us at (847) 921-3113 or email us at info@qp3ergosystems.com to schedule a free telephone consultation.

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