QP3 Fun Facts from the 2017 Applied Ergonomics Conference

Ergonomics, proper posture to work standing

Did you know?

  • There is often a “language barrier” between management and safety, so any improvements must relate directly to operating metrics
  • That focusing on “base hits” versus “home runs” can help accomplish more things over a longer time
  • You can implement solutions to cut waste by reusing scrap materials and help to eliminate landfill items.
  • One easy way to keep people safe is to use simple identifiers to rank possible risk: Green—low; Yellow—caution; Red—High Risk
  • Naming new tools, fixtures and improvements after employees gains better buy-in
  • There is evidence showing the possibility of reduced injury risk from sit/stand workstations
  • People who stand more at work (versus sit) will, over time, show a significant increase in performance
  • Using 3-D technology enables you to print unique tools & fixtures


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